Welcome to Oldwick Troop 199

BSA Troop 199 meets Mondays (7:30 pm to 9:00 pm) at the Christian Education Building (CEB) of our sponsor, the Zion Lutheran Church, 18 Miller Lane in Oldwick, New Jersey. On some occasions, we schedule our meetings at Fairmount North Park (north of the 512/517 intersection, behind the cemetery and sport fields).

We schedule our Troop meetings in conjunction with the calendar used by Old Turnpike School in Tewksbury. When a school holiday falls on a Monday, we do not have a Troop meeting on that day. Troop meetings will still be held on planned school half-days. In the event of an emergency early dismissal or school cancellation for inclement weather, the Troop meeting is canceled.
We have an active Troop and we enjoy campouts, hikes, high adventure challenges, summer camp, service projects, and many other fun outings.

If you have any questions about our troop, please contact our Scoutmaster.

If you need help with our website, please contact our Webmaster.

Come join us at our next Troop Meeting!

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Posted by webmastertl on Jul 9 2019 - 9:46pm

July 14th-20th: Summer Camp 

July 25th-27th: Pottersville Antique Show 

Happy Summer!

Troop 199 New Scoutmaster and Critical Roles

Posted by webmastertl on Jul 9 2019 - 9:46pm

Dear Troop 199 Families,

Happy 4th of July.
I am happy to announce that Wayne Cagno has accepted the role of Scoutmaster for Troop 199.
As many of you know, Wayne is an Eagle Scout and currently an ASM for the Troop. 
In the coming weeks, Wayne will work with the ASMs and develop a plan for his vision for the Troop
and any process changes he would like to introduce. Once completed he will communicate his vision
to the Troop.
Additionally, I would like to thank Laura Bartels for accepting the role of New Member Coordinator.
This is an expansion of many of the tasks that Laura has been performing and rounding it out with
Rechartering and New Scout processes.
We still have a few critical roles that need to be filled before the scout year starts in September.
Advancements Coordinator and Training & Safety. If these are not filled, the Troop will be impacted by 
delayed Rank and Merit badge issuance and preparation for the recharter effort.
Lastly, please review the attached volunteer matrix for other open roles. Also, we are always in the need to fill the ASM pipeline. Please reach out to the SM, ASMs or me on the steps to training.
Have a safe and enjoyable 4th.

Pottersville Antique Show

Posted by webmastertl on Jul 9 2019 - 9:46pm

Dear Scouts and Parents,

By directing traffic and parking, Troop 199 has supported the Pottersville Fire Co. in their main fundraiser, the Annual Pottersville Antique Show, for many years.  We will continue this tradition on July 25, 26 and 27.  Aside from contributing to a worthy cause and thereby accumulating service hours, Troop 199 also benefits financially through tips/donations and a share of the Fire Company's revenue. The scouts will also receive a free meal.

All scouts are requested to sign-up for at least one shift, and because each shift must have 2 adults attending, parents are requested to sign-up as well.  

The first day of the antique show, Thursday, July 25, will only have the 3rd (evening) shift this year.  The 26th and 27th will have 3 shifts, as before.  You may notice that the number of scouts per shift has been reduced to 2 scouts for shift 1, 3 scouts for shift 2 and 4 scouts for shift 3.

Both scouts and parents, please sign-up on the website at your earliest convenience.  Obviously, the sooner you sign-up the more choice of shift you have. 

A final note to the boys.  If all shifts are filled and sign-up is closed for the entire event, and yet you would still like to participate in a particular shift, please contact me. 

Thank you for making this important event happen.

Merit Badge Opportunities This Summer

Posted by webmastertl on Jul 9 2019 - 9:45pm

Dear Scouts,

Please see the attached flyer for the Winnebago Scout Reservation Merit Badge Week.

Friends of Scouting (FOS) Campaign 2019

Posted by webmastertl on May 29 2019 - 8:05pm

Dear Troop 199,

Our 2019 Friends of Scout campaign continues.
Currently, Troop 199 is at 27% participation and has reached 45% of our 2019 goal. 
At the recent Red and White, I announced the 2019 FOS campaign for Washington Crossing Council.
If you were not in attendance and would still like to donate, I have left donation envelopes in the Troop Mailbox located in the CEB mail-room for your use.
You can complete the form, attached a check and mail it directly to Council. 
If you can support FOS, the donations will help BSA deliver the best program for our Scouts. 

ACTION- Troop 199 Volunteering Needs

Posted by webmastertl on May 29 2019 - 7:53pm

Dear Troop 199 Families,

As we close out our scout year, we have a few critical roles that need to be filled to ensure the Troop functions 

safety, efficiently, and brings the most valuable program to our scouts.


Reminder- All Troop 199 families are required to have a volunteering role in the Troop. 


As the Troop gets smaller, volunteering needs to be more than just one event a year. The Troop needs families 

to take on one of the substantial roles required for a Troop to function properly.

The current and critical roles that need to be filled on the Troop Leadership Committee are:

  • Advancement Coordinator
  • New Member Coordinator
  • Training and Safety Coordinator
  • Chaplin

A high-level summary of the roles is attached.

As always, the Troop is always looking to add Assistant Scoutmasters (ASMs). These dedicated leaders help the Scoutmaster deliver the program.

Lastly, Scoutmaster Economy has informed the TLC/ASMs he would like to step down in the near term. SM Economy has done a great job leading the Troop 

for the past few years and we want to thank him for that! We are currently talking to candidates to fill the role and will have an update in the next few weeks.

To stress the importance of filling these roles immediately. If we do not, there will be substantial impact to the running and quality of program Troop 199 strives for.

Please reach out to me or another TLC member to discuss the scope of the roles, training, and timing.


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