Welcome to Oldwick Troop 199

BSA Troop 199 meets Mondays (6:30 pm to 7:30 pm) at the Christian Education Building (CEB) of our sponsor, the Zion Lutheran Church, 18 Miller Lane in Oldwick, New Jersey. On some occasions, we schedule our meetings at Fairmount North Park (north of the 512/517 intersection, behind the cemetery and sport fields).

We schedule our Troop meetings in conjunction with the calendar used by Old Turnpike School in Tewksbury. When a school holiday falls on a Monday, we do not have a Troop meeting on that day. Troop meetings will still be held on planned school half-days. In the event of an emergency early dismissal or school cancellation for inclement weather, the Troop meeting is canceled.
We have an active Troop and we enjoy campouts, hikes, high adventure challenges, summer camp, service projects, and many other fun outings.

If you have any questions about our troop, please contact our Scoutmaster.

If you need help with our website, please contact our Webmaster.

Come join us at our next Troop Meeting!

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Posted by webmastertl on Oct 19 2020 - 11:36pm

Upcoming Meetings and Events 


October 26th: Scout Meeting & Scout Registration #2 -  Please come with all necessary paperwork 

November 2nd: PLC 


Fall Meeting Plan: 
 Meeting location is the fire circle behind the CEB. Dress is class A uniform. Please ensure you have a mask and a jacket. We will remain outdoors for all fall meetings. 

Troop Registration Information

Posted by webmastertl on Oct 19 2020 - 11:36pm

Dear Troop 199 Families,

Registration for the 2020–2021 scouting year is underway. In order for Troop 199 to register with the BSA, we need your help collecting the required paperwork and fees. Registration is scheduled during either of the following Troop meetings:

Monday, October 26th

We ask that parents register their scouts in person so that any paperwork questions can be addressed on the spot, avoiding errors and delays. Please plan to stop in to the CEB lobby during either meeting to register.

The following items are required for registration:


1.    Medical Form Parts A & B  Blank forms are attached (also available on the Troop website). Print out and complete two copies of each, Parts A, B1 and B2, which only require a parent signature. If your scout has a physical scheduled in the near future, it’s a good time to have Part C signed by your doctor. Otherwise, Part C can be submitted before summer camp.

2.    Health Insurance Card  Provide two copies (front and back) of your insurance card.

3.    Dues  Check in the amount of $250, payable to Troop 199.

4.    YPT Certificate – Each parent must be current on their Youth Protection Training, available on the BSA website.

5.    Volunteer  All parents are asked to volunteer for at least one Troop role when registering. Parents are also needed to attend camp outs and other activities. Plan to participate in at least one outing with your son.


Is Your Scout Registering This Year? Please Respond

Posted by webmastertl on Oct 7 2020 - 9:14pm

Dear Troop 199 Families, 


It may not be a typical year, but the Troop has plans to for a fun, rewarding and safe scouting program. As the 2020–2021 year gets underway, the first order of business is to update our roster. Hopefully all our scouts are excited to continue their journey. However, if your son is NOT returning to Troop 199, kindly notify me. Annual local and national dues are based upon our headcount and the Troop pays an assessment for every scout on our roster. Your timely response is greatly appreciated.

Registration for continuing scouts will take place at the 10/19 and 10/26 meetings. Detailed registration info will follow in a separate email.

Many thanks for your help.

Sea Base Information

Posted by webmastertl on Oct 7 2020 - 9:14pm
Dear Troop, 

          Despite the uncertain times that we are currently living in there is an amazing trip planned for this summer (2021). Our troop will be going on a High Adventure Trip to Florida Sea Base. Florida Sea Base is one of four BSA High Adventure bases that create amazing week-long adventures. Florida Sea Base is located in the Florida Keys and operates 18 different adventures ranging from sailing to fishing and scuba diving. For 2021 our troop will be participating in the Out Island Adventure. This adventure gives a little bit of everything. The adventure starts with the troop (“crew”) paddling a Polynesian war canoe for more than 5 miles to a primitive barrier island, Big Munson Island, located in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary providing a primitive camping experience and an epic adventure. Big Munson Island is an untouched, uninhabited island that is over 100 acres in size. Upon arrival at Big Munson Island, we will camp under a canopy of gumbo limbo trees, mangroves and lush vegetation for the week. Nature will surround the campsite including the Endangered Key deer, hermit crabs and the Key Baca raccoons. Each day has a different action-packed activity in store. The crew will kayak from the island and board a large vessel to go snorkeling in the Florida Barrier Reef, North America’s only living coral barrier reef, go shark fishing, paddle to Munson Rocks for a night snorkel, and explore the largest wilderness on Earth, the Ocean. To participate in this adventure you must be at least 13 years of age or older. I hope to see you all at Sea Base!

New Merit Badge and BOR Procedures

Posted by webmastertl on Oct 16 2019 - 9:39pm

Dear Scouts,


My name is Jennifer Quandt and I have recently taken over the position of Advancement Coordinator from Mrs. Gagen.  To give you a little background on myself, I have worked in the field of Human Resources for 25+ years.  I have lived in Tewksbury for the last seven years.  My son Drew is a first-year Boy Scout.  I have been working behind the scenes along with my husband Andrew Patykula who has held several positions while Drew was in Cub Scouts. 


Merit Badges

A cooler will be left on the side of my garage.  Inside will be another plastic container to ensure materials won’t get wet. All merit badge cards need to be dropped off at least one week prior to the Court of Honor (COH) to process. 


Board of Reviews

In preparation for the Board of Review (BOR) you will need to call me at minimum two weeks in advance of the Court of Honor (COH) date, if not before when you have completed your Scoutmaster Conference, so that I can schedule the meeting. When you call to schedule your meeting, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Your full name
  2. Reason for the call – rank just completed
  3. Call back phone number

Once I have received your request, I will then confirm your date and time for the Board of Review.  As a reminder, all sign offs in your Scout Handbook need to be completed and brought with you to the Board of Review. 


The next Court of Honor is scheduled for Monday, October 21st.


Thank you. 


Posted by webmastertl on Apr 27 2019 - 9:24pm

Dear Scouts, ASMs and Leaders:

Next week at the Round Table I will be presenting The Adventure Plan (TAP) process.
As some of us are planning High Adventure(HA) for the summer of 2020 and  beyond, it would be beneficial for the participants to leverage TAP
TAP can be found at  https://bsatap.org/  
TAP is a standard BSA tool that includes a 52 step guide to planning a safe, effective and enjoyable HA event.
Attached is a power-point summarizing the process in case you would like a hard copy for further planning sessions.

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