Welcome to Oldwick Troop 199

Welcome to the Oldwick Troop 199 website. 

If you are here for the first time and have any questions or interest in joining our Troop, please contact our Scoutmaster. If you need help with our website, please contact our Webmaster.

Our Troop is chartered by the Zion Lutheran Church  through the Boy Scouts of America. For over sixty years, we’ve been making a difference in our community and surrounding areas.

We meet on Monday evenings (7:15 pm to 8:45 pm) at the Christian Education Building (CEB) at 18 Miller Lane in Oldwick, New Jersey and *occasionally at alternate locations*. 

Our Troop enjoys monthly campouts, hikes, high adventure challenges, summer camp, skill and leadership development, community service projects, and many other activities. 

Come visit us at our next meeting! New families are always welcome! 


Troop meetings are scheduled in conjunction with the Old Turnpike School calendar. When a school holiday falls on a Monday, we do not have a Troop meeting on that day. Troop meetings will still be held on planned school half-days. In the event of an emergency early dismissal or school cancellation for inclement weather, the Troop meeting is canceled or changed to a virtual meeting. 



Troop Registration

Posted by alarsen on Nov 2 2021 - 10:26pm

Dear Troop 199 Families,


Registration for the 2021–2022 scouting year is underway. In order for Troop 199 to register with the BSA, we need your help collecting the required paperwork and fees.  Registration is scheduled during either of the following Troop meetings: Monday, October 18th -or- Monday, November 8th

Merit Badge - Blue Card Approval Process

Posted by webmastertl on Jun 30 2021 - 11:45pm

Below is the "blue card" process to be followed when working on merit badges. 

Merit badges are earned by working with a qualified Merit Badge Counselor, either at summer camp, at merit badge fairs, or found locally with the help of an ASM. 

Younger Scouts are encouraged to work on rank advancement requirements (Handbook sign offs) for the first 1.5 years (Scout Rank - First Class Rank) before focusing on merit badges. Core Scouting skills and knowledge is more important for development of younger Scouts at this stage. Younger Scouts will earn several Merit Badges during Summer Camps and when merit badges are offered by Troop parents who are qualified as counselors. 

Process Steps:

1)    Scout asks an ASM for a new blue card when ready to start each merit badge. Scout enters their name, Troop number, and merit badge name. 

2)    ASM signs the blue card or informs the Scout and parent if the merit badge is not age appropriate (example - Welding age 14+), and helps Scout find a local counselor.

3)    Scout gives blue card to the Merit Badge Counselor during their first meeting. 

4)    Merit Badge Counselor records the requirements completed, or partially completed, on the blue card (or creates a virtual blue card). 

5)    Scout hands the blue card (or virtual blue card) from Counselor to Scoutmaster for final approval. 

6)    Scout places the approved blue card in the drop box of Mrs. Quandt's driveway. 

7)    Mrs. Quandt (Troop Advancement Chair) records badge completion and sends the earned merit badge to the Senior Patrol Leader for awarding to the Scout.


*If a blue card is not returned or signed by the Counselor, the Scout contacts the Merit Badge Counselor to request their signed blue card or a virtual blue card created in the ScoutBook app.  

*If a blue card is lost, the Scout restarts the process of obtaining a new blue card and contacting the Merit Badge Counselor to request a reissued signed completion record.


Board of Review - Request Procedure

Posted by wcagno on Jun 10 2021 - 8:38am
When completing all requirements for rank advancement, Scouts will call Mrs. Quandt, Troop Advancement Chair, and leave a telephone message (not email or text) to request a Board of Review. 
Scouts provide the following information in their telephone message:
  1. Your full name
  2. Reason for the call – " I have completed all requirements for _____ Rank and requesting a Board of Review"
  3. Call back phone number 

Mrs. Quandt will then contact you with the date and time for your Board of Review.


In preparation for your Board of Review.

 - All rank requirement in your Scout Handbook are completed and signed off. Your Scout Handbook is brought with you to the Board of Review. 

 - Full Class A uniform is worn, including official BSA shirt, pants, belt, socks, neckerchief, hiking boots or dress shoes. All patches are up to date correctly positioned. 

 - Arrive on time, prepared to discuss the skills you have learned and Troop outings and service projects you have participated in since your last rank advancement.   


Thank you. 

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